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Visual Arts Galleries

Galleries by Genre :
Featured Artists •|• Digital Artists •|• Masters Gallery
The Body Electric •|• Fairies: Magical Images •|• Myths & Legends
Gallery of the Macabre •|• Portraits •|• Gallery of Alien Worlds
Impressionists •|• Surrealists •|• Realists •|• Abstract Artists
Fractals •|• Collaborative Works •|• Illustrated Novels

  New York Gallery Artists  
Hovakimian Anoushavan • Oil on canvas, cubist abstract portraits
Eyvind Earle • Oils on board; personal tech
Jan Ternald • Oils on canvas; gouache & tempera; digital renders
Boris Vallejo • Oil erotic & contemporary images
Carlo DelTufo • Oil portraits from the Italian master
Brian Andreas/Storypeople • Whimsical & wise illustrations & stories
Timothy Innnamorato • Surreal oils on canvas and masonite
Jerry York • Oil abstract images
  Digital Artists  
James Neff • Most Bryce Select Awards of any net artist
Martin Murphy • Award winning cyberart and traditional oils
Steven Hägg Ståhlberg • Award winning 3D models; oils; more
David Camp • Prolific abstract watercolorist & surreal cyberartist
Rod Millar & Dan Cummings • Abstract digital art
Ian Brand • Award winning graphic artist; portraits; photography
Danny Flach • 3D Image/3D Cafe Awards; illustrator; architect
Mark Huelsman • Award winning scifi cyberart and illustrations
Will Kramer • Dramatic images of digital women
Corey Kruitbosch • Bosch surrealism, 3D modeling & VR
Tobin James Mueller • Awarding winning artist, composer, author, photographer
Eric Nesmith • Award winning surreal cyberartist
Afanassy Pud • Russian painter of unique insight
James Walker • Award winning surreal/scifi cyberartist
Fred Simmons • Bryce Select Awards; dark cyber images
John Selvia • Digital, Acrylics; pencil and paper; composer
Tony Seymour • Award winning historical 3D artist
Walter Stevenson • Acrylics; pencil and paper; composer
Oleg Vorobyov • Webdancer and Bryce Select Award winner
Ryusuke Takahata • Japanese artist of drama and whimsy
Chasm • Fractal and abstract inventions
Xianu Override Worlds Gallery
Peter Lewis Sherman, Bruce Macleod, Alan Rabinowitz, Shawn Sapp,
Robert Kuczera, Bryan Smith, James Peterson, Stephen Dowdy
Jean-Claude Davreux, Judy Sandel and Michael Lofrano.
  Drawings & Illustrators  
Alan Perry • Surreal portraits of bathers and more; pen and colord pencil on paper
Elena Morozov • Drawings both erotic and sweet
Anna Winestein • Pencil/conte-crayons; Diamond Award winner
Derek Palmer • Surreal and disturbing dreamshapes
Dan Patros • graphite; mixed media/illustrations
Afanassy Pud • Russian painter of unique insight
Dave Everitt • Surreal and fascinating images
Joe Heller • Oils on board; dinosaurs illustrations
Robert Ulrich • air brush; planet illustrations
Brian Andreas/Storypeople • Whimsical & wise illustrations
  VisionForge Projects  
Discovering the Heavens • an ongoing art collaboration
Brycelander Through Time • an ongoing multimedia project
The Power of 10 • an ongoing multimedia project
The Princess' New Clothes
The Fractal Gallery • a mini gallery of fractal submissions
The Next Revolution • an ongoing contest of vision & creativity
ArtsForge Gallery of Inspiration
works of past artists who have inspired our own
CyberCards (digital postcards)
Writing Showcase
Poetry Showcase
Karla Huston
award winning poems from several Mag Street Rag chapbook winners
Tobin James Mueller
"Falling Past Love" (2000);
"Ash" (1998-2000); "Lustre" (1977); Lyrics
Journal from the Streets (2001)
Richard Schletty
provocative, witty and thoughtfully spiritual poetry
included in the Best of Poesybeat Workshop first compilation CD
Talismans of Passion - Poetry of Love & Want - submissions welcome
Art to Poetry Forge • Poetry illustrating Art - submissions welcome
  WordForge Projects:  
Short Story Project #1: Safe Haven
Short Story Project #2: The Journey
Short Story Project #3: Last of the Faerie
Short Story Project #4: Lost in MindSpace
Short Story Project #5: The Colony
Short Story Project #6: A Child's Smile
Illustrated Novel Project: Dreamless
Illustrated Novel Project: The Power of 10
Illustrated Novel Project: Xianu Override
Multimedia Project: Brycelander Through Time
Poetry Project #1: Landscape
Tower of Babel Project • Humor & Wisdom combined
ArtsForge Library of Inspiration
The Best of Science Fiction • (Books and Films)
Music Showcase
  Acoustic Artists  
Download MP3s
Tobin James Mueller • Composer/Lyricist
L.J. Booth • Acoustic Guitar, Folk
Chris Mueller • Jazz Pianist
Twøn / New York City Crack Team/M-Lab • Progressive Pop
Dave Matthews • Alternative Rock
Audiocracy - Progressive Rock
Silent Sun • Experimental Collaborations in Jazz
Slacker Poets • Progressive Rock
  MusicForge Projects  
Pilgrim Village - a pilgrimage into self through storytelling musicscapes and multilayer lyrics
Morning Whispers - solo piano
Audiocracy - ongoing collaboration experimental music project
Dreams & Promises - collection of music by Tobin, Chris and Twon
Holy Land - CD inspired by September 11, 2001
What Survives - Jazz CD by Silent Sun Octet
The MIDI Collaborative
  The ArtsForge MIDI Player
including original and popular music, jazz, rock, classical
Best of the Web: Anecdotes and clever submissions
Book of Middle English Riddles • Modern Riddles 2
VisionForge:The Princess' New Clothes Project
WordForge: Tower of Babel • Humor & Wisdom
Cartoon/Comics Links
Film & Video
The ArtsForge Top 100 Films List
The Best of Science Fiction (Movies, Books, MultiMedia)
Xianu Override: the Mac-based Computer Game
Xianu Override - The Illustrated Novel
Dreamless - Illustrated Novel
The Power of 10 - Illustrated Novel
The Colony - Illustrated Short Story
Lost in MindSpace - Illustrated Short Story
Other World Terrains - Illustrations for Xianu Override


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