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A collaborative project designed to unravel & illustrate the fictional history of Brycelander, using digital and traditional media art, writings and music.

Visual Gallery
Written Artifacts

The BryceLander Visual Arts Gallery
Landscapes/Vistas: Art/Artifacts: Structures/Cities Ancient: Structures/Cities Futuristic: Beings/Creatures:
Ruins - Shore
Original Lanscape - all views
Shawn Sapp & Tobin James Mueller
Cave Art (early)
Judy Sandel
Ruins on the Shoreline
Mark Huelsman
Mark Huelsman
Torian Beast
Gwen Lewis
A View from the Red Moon
Dan Campbell
Cave Art (late)
Derek Palmer
Ruins along the North Shore
Mark Huelsman
Post-Industrial 1: Cityscape
Mark Huelsman
Hope Mesa
John Harrington
Cave Relief Art
David Everitt
Ruins of the Shoreline Temple
Mark Huelsman
Post-Industrial 2: Metropolis-
Eric Nesmith
Sea Dragon
Gwen Lewis
Where the River Meets the Sea
Michael Lafrano
Flame of the Conqueror
Don Gray
Bridge to the Temple Ruins
Mark Huelsman
New City
Michael Lafrano
Merrick's Creature
Corey Kruitbosch
Brycelander Falls
Shawn Sapp & Tobin James Mueller
Mark Huelsman
The Isle of Lost Souls-
Mark Huelsman
Shoreline Town
G. M. Shaintan
Lifeform #7
Oleg Vorobyov

Hope Mesa
John Harrington

Beneath the Shoreline
G. M. Shaintan
Bryan Smith

Meeting of the Ages
Mark Huelsman

Newtake City
Ron Shuboney
Rock Flower
Mark Huelsman

Wings 3
David Camp

Oleg Vorobyov

David Camp

Cave Arch Monument
John Spirko (dxf/obj model)

Either email submissions to ArtsForge's Brycelander Project or post your submission and email an explanation and the URL. Please make all textures, 3D models and terrain files available to all collaborators. Note: Some of the postings listed above are still in progress.
The original Brycelander Terrain is available for download from the folder.
Also available: Totem and Torch .obj files; all of John Spirko's .obj files.
Please RENAME all files that are uploaded into our ftp folder so as not to over-write something!
Ask by email for specific landscape models.

Submissions desired! (see below)
Email ArtsForge for more information.
Also see the Brycelander Bulletin Board for any relevant discussions.

Submissions requested for the following categories:
Bryce Art 1) Improvements on posted terrains, textures, etc.
2) Additions to posted terrains, dwellings, creatures, etc.
3) New freestanding scenes, settings, dwellings, and inhabitants for any aspect of the growing Brycelander universe.
Digital Art 1) 3D models to be used as dwellings
2) 3D models to be used as creatures/inhabitants
3) 3D models for vegetation, artifacts, terrain enhancements, etc.
4) Renderings of scenes, peoples, creatures, landscapes...

(note: Bryce utilizes .obj and .dxf formats best)

Traditional Art 1) Designs for creatures, peoples (including clothing, artifacts), dwellings, technology, etc., which the 3D modelers will render digitally.
2) Art (jpegs) to be mapped onto cave walls, dwellings, backgrounds, etc.
3) Art that can be scanned into digital scenes.
4) Freestanding art that can be used to enhance the growing Brycelander Gallery and help illustrate it's virtual history.
Writing 1) Histories which explain Brycelander geology, creatures, peoples, etc.
2) Myths by and about Brycelander inhabitants and worlds.
3) Other written works of art by Brycelander inhabitants.
Music 1) Music that "accompanies" other visual and written postings.
2) Indigenous Brycelander music composed "by" Brycelander inhabitants.
See below for a more complete explanation of the Brycelander Project.
Feedback Feel free to email suggestions, ideas, critiques.

Please Note:

The Brycelander Project is in a transitional phase. We are currently looking to perfect the original landscape (see above) by using better textures, deciding on an east-west orientation, and expanding the boundaries with beaches, planes, etc. If you are interested, please email ArtsForge with any comments, critiques or questions; or download the 1M file from, add your changes, and send it back to us. (See below for details.)

We are also seeking submissions which incorporate cultural changes and/or illustrate historical and geological events on the Brycelander terrain. The myth of Brycelander has not yet been written - help found a culture and create new legends…

Groups will naturally form that work on specific aspects (terrains; creatures; dwellings). We hope the shared techniques and skills will benefit everyone involved, fulfilling the ArtsForge quest for mutual inspiration.

The Brycelander Through Time Project is a long term multimedia collaboration open to all artists, writers and composers. The "seed" work is a piece of digital art made with Bryce 3D and available as a download from our ftp folder or by email. This seed work is a digital rendering of a pristine, uninhabited terrain rectangle we call "Brycelander". It is meant to build onto and enlarge. Separate land formations are available upon request as models.

Artists are encouraged to build upon and add to this file, creating new works that highlight and illustrate different, unique epochs in Brycelander history; everything from an Ice Age to Ancient Monuments, Neolithic Brycelander dwellings to examples of Brycelander Trade, War, Industrialization, and Future Explorations. Artists will be able to borrow and share files and 3D models, incorporating ancient ruins, landscape pieces, and natural and cultural motifs in each subsequent rendering.

Art Submissions: Please submit rendered files as jpeg documents or post them at your remote URL. (If you post them remotely, let us know the URL by email and we will incorporate the images into our Brycelander Gallery.) Jpegs should be either submitted as an email attachment or submitted directly to the folder. (FTP submission should also be announced to ArtsForge with an appropriate email). Include your name, email, comments, and URLs in your email submission. All terrains, models and textures are to be saved so that they can be made available to other artists upon request. The idea is that we share files and models so that each rendering builds upon the ones that came before, creating an "authentic" pictorial history of Brycelander. However, the Brycelander Gallery does not need to be created in chronological order. If you want to skip ahead to the future, or predate a setting, go ahead. We can build backwards as well as forwards in this project.

Written Submissions: Brycelander stories will serve as Histories, Myths and Narratives of special Brycelander events. Stories can be used to explain specific Brycelander artwork or written as inspiration for future works of art. They will be posted and indexed below, as well as linked to appropriate pictures.

Music Submissions: Music submissions are meant to expand on and accompany the themes created by Brycelander artwork and written texts. They will be linked to appropriate landscapes, scenes and literature. Brycelander music can also predate any art or text, forming a musical inspiration for visual artists and storytellers. Music is to be in MIDI format. ArtsForge will create a Brycelander MIDI Showcase and incorporate the .mid files into our MIDI Player and other Music Showcases.

Animation & MultiMedia Submissions: In the event someone wishes to submit an animated file, contact ArtsForge first. File size and display requirements need to be discussed. If you have any suggestions regarding this eventuality, please let us know. We will be considering QT files first.

ArtsForge Email

All submissions will be subject to ArtsForge approval and editing.
All words and images appearing in the Brycelander Project
are the property of the creating artists.
All rights reserved.
ArtsForge does not own the images or text. However, ArtsForge reserves the right to edited, crop, abridge or display all submissions as needed for the purposes of this collaborative project.

Visual Gallery
Written Artifacts

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