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The Illustrated Novel

© 1999 Tobin James Mueller & Isak Sherwood

"Xianu Override: The Illustrated Novel" is a work-in-progress.
This page is an open notebook for the collaborators.

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Xinau Override Team
Collaborating Illustrators:
George Deep
Mark Huelsman
Tobin Mueller
James Neff

Eric Nesmith
Fred Simmons
John Spirko

Original Xianu Override Computer Game Collaborators:
Jim Powel
Matt Hainley
Damon Harper
Chris Passovoy

Giovanni Tolson
Jason Rand Harper

Collaborating Authors:
Tobin James Mueller
Isak Sherwood

Collaborating Programmers
Ron Schumaker
Tobin Mueller

Original Xianu Override
Story Links:
Planets & Terrains

"Xinau Override" is an illustrated novel-in-progress.
If you would like to participate, contact ArtsForge.
Submission of additional illustration and plot ideas are currently accepted.

of planned illustrations
Interface Image Illustrator(s)
old shuttle
The Old Grey Dashboard Tobin Mueller
EX 7 The New Cool Dashboard Tobin Mueller
Mother Ship Alien Control Device(s)


from ArtsForge's Mac-based computer game
from ArtsForge's Mac-based computer game
from ArtsForge's Mac-based computer game
Weapons and Gadgets
from ArtsForge's Mac-based computer game

of planned illustrations
Chapter Image Illustrator(s)
The Inheritance

Terraforming Eden George Deep

Alien & Human Races
3D models needed for each
Race Description Illustrator(s)
Posthuman 1 "Frankies", nicknamed after Frankenstein's Creature: Humans that have used genetic engineering to transform themselves, usually to adapt to survival on extreme alien worlds.
Posthuman 2 "Mechs", cyborg humans that have enhanced their senses and nervous systems with mechanical devices; their goal is to be able to survive in deep space without spacecraft, and achieve spiritual connectiveness through computer-enhanced networking.
Benevolent, evolved from dolphin/whales, now spacefaring beings, more intelligent than humans.
The Strand Bug-reptile creatures, invading human space with trading/expansion, not necessarily evil. 3 distinct subspecies.
Voinian Bad guy, klingon like warriors, minotaur-like.
Angels Human-like faeries with wings, long limbs, long fingers, long ears, anime eyes. Size differs with subspecies. The Xianu righthand helpers in our galaxy.
Pyrrthn Catlike beautiful creatures, atheletic, varied; like Thundercats only more sensual and lythe.
Xianu Energy beings of supreme wisdom. From a neighboring galaxy. Descendants of pre-xianu, with whom they still associate.
Pre-Xianu Gas Bag beings evolved on Gas Gaints. Musicians, funloving. Communicate using static electricity.
?????? The mystery race, not yet named, that were brought to sentience by the Xianu only to rebel and lead the galaxy on a twisted independence movement... Kind of anti-angels.

Active Collaborators:

Mark Heulsman

Eric Nesmith

George Deep
Software: Bryce 3D-4, Poser 3, Organica, 3D Studio 4.0
Photoshop 5.0 with a million plugins, Painter 5, Painter 3D, Adobe Premier 5.0
Universe, Animation Master 98, 3D Studio Max 2.5

Fred Simmons
Hardware: PII 300 with 288 MB RAM;
Software: Bryce 3D, Lightwave 5.6. Poser 3, AnimationMaster 98, Photoshop 4, PhotoImpact 4.

Tobin James Mueller
co-author, also artist and artistic editor
Hardware: Mac G3 266, OS 8.5.1, 288 MB RAM;
Software: Photoshop 4, Bryce 3D, Poser 3.0.1, Lightwave 5.6, Painter 5.5 (KPT 3/5).

Isak Sherwood

All images are owned and copyrighted by the creating artists.
Used by permission.

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Xianu Override was original designed as a game plugin for
Ambrosia Software's Escape Velocity: Override