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ArtsForge's Ongoing Online MIDI Collaborative presents

Three MIDI Projects seeking collaborators!
Stalker: MIDI Prioject - starting from a single rhythm on the seed track, stalker1.mid, this fusion track is looking for melodies, harmonies and online collaborative variations. Check it out!

Jazz Project

Jazz Etude #1 - starting from a jazz theme on the seed track JAZZ1.mid, this project is growing into a theme and variation study of online jazz collaboration. Add to the mix.
Pop Project
Open All Night - starting from a single theme on the seed track RIFF1.mid, this hot pop tune is already very hip, but as your collaborations morph into into something new, we can only guess how cool it will become.
Historigraph Project
Brycelander Through Time is a multimedia project in which artists are 3D modeling the history of an entire world, writers and authoring its history and myths, and musicians are creating its evolving music. Check it out! Brycelander Variations.

What it the MIDI Collaborative?

ArtsForge's Ongoing Online MIDI Collaborative is a series of webpages dedicated to displaying original MIDI works. The first projects have been started by ArtsForge pianist & composer Chris Mueller with his submissions of the hip pop seed Open All Night and the jazz theme Jazz Etude #1.

If you wish to listen to the seed tracks and all the subsequent arrangements and rewritings, or if you want to download one of the MIDI file to your harddrive and become an online collaborator, click on either Open All Night or Jazz Etudes.
Continue reading for more details…

The MIDI Collaborative works like this: A MIDI file is posted by a musician, while another musician, liking what she/he hears, downloads the file and proceeds to add additional tracks or sections or to rearrange or reinterpret the music as he/she sees fit. Once she/he has finished, he/she uploads* the music back to the site, where it will be posted beneath the initial "seed" work, and the cycle can begin again in a limitless number of iterations. (New original "seed" files may also be based on posted "variations".) The "family tree" of each work will be displayed and the MIDI musicians will be encouraged to include text descriptions of how the original work inspired them, what they changed, and why.

We encourage both MIDI and Beatnik formats.

Rights to each work will be held in common among collaborators, but no one will have the right to stop further collaborations. Each collaborator is encouraged to use the material commercially; any money made must be shared with all who had collaborated on that piece up to that point. At any time during the process, collaborators may abdicate their rights and remove their names from their work or from any or all subsequent versions.

*To upload, simply attach it to an email addressed to or upload it to our anonymous ftp folder then alert us to your submission via email. You can get an ftp uploading program off the web from: Fetch (for Mac) or WS FTP (for Windows).

To listen to a MIDI file without using your browser, you can download a free standing MIDI Player at Arnold's Web Page.