ArtsForge is dedicated to forging artists as well as the arts. We are constantly helping artists join each other in collaborations. We some of our ongoing projects below.

MusicForge Projects

new online musical collaborations that begins with sharing grooves, loops, intros and solos in Live, GarageBand, Acid, .wav, .aif, or mp3 formats. All final songs are posted.

The best tracks will be compiled into a CD titled Audiocracy.

MIDI Collaborative
Download the MIDI files posted and add to them.

Short Stories Poetry eBooks and Novellas
There are currently 6 active stories in at WordForge. Add to them or submit a new story-starter.
Submit poetry to:
Art to Poetry Forge
Talismans of Passion
or start a New Poem
Every story, poem, ebook, novella, lyrics sheet on ArtsForge wants to be illustrated. Submission are onloing and welcome. Submit jpgs to

VisionForge Projects
All of these galleries are oopne submission galleries. Submit your art and add to our wonderful collection!
Alien Worlds

Terra 7
Discovering the Heavens
an ongoing project
Myths & Legends

Body Electric


Gallery of the Macabre


Brycelander 3
Brycelander Through Time

Library of Inspiration

In associatiation with, ArtsForge is listing our readers' and artists' favorite and most influential books. Feel free to submit your favorite book(s) so it can be added to the library.

ArtsForge Humor

This is section has already seen many submissions. The best humor circulated on the web is being collected here, plus thought provoking riddles and links to your favorite cartoons and comics. Feel free to submit something yourself.

Best of Science Fiction

Please submit your favorite books, films and multimedia to use for inclusion in the Best of Sci-Fi List. Every title is linked to for easy reference, reviews and purchase.

Top 100 Films

Please submit your favorite films to use for inclusion in the Top 100 films. Also, check out Zastrow's Reviews of recent video releases. Links are provided for purchase on other commercial sites.

The Spaceport

Some amazing art. tat went into the first ArtsForge collaboration, a space odyssey game and story. Check it out!

Tower of Babel
Tower of Babel

Please submit your favorite sayings or pearls of wisdom to our growing list.

Questions? Contact us.