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  VisionForge is a virtual space dedicated to
online visual collaborations.

VisionForge is a shared virtual canvas on which artists share inspiration and images. The projects listed below have been designed and carried out as ongoing collaborations, illustrating the true power of the internet as a collective tool and the true creativity of the people who use it.

If you are interested in participating in a VisionForge collaboration, please contact ArtsForge. Submissions can be made via email or our ftp anonymous folder.

Current Projects:
Through Time
Discovering the Heavens 
an ongoing project
Collabortive multimedia project designed to develop and illustrate the fictional history of Brycelander, using art, stories, & music.
Starting with the the famous 16th Century Woodcut,
ArtsForge Artists have collaborated to many new transformative works.
The Power of 10

The Power of 10 is a collaborative Online Picture Book
illustrating a sci-fi fantasy comedy
with state-of-the-art 3D modeling and very clever story telling.
The end product of this project is the creation of a multi-media CD-ROM.

The Fractal Gallery
featuring a javascript fractal canvas generator

The amazing abstract collaborations of Rod Millar and Dan Cummings
The Princess' New Clothes Project
Join artists as they redesign clothes for the princess of the future.
Dramatic illustrations of the online work-in-progress, a novel about a young woman and a freelance journalist in the near future.

All words and images appearing anywhere on the ArtsForge site are the exclusive property of the creating artist.
However, all art appearing under the subheading of "VisionForge" is open to downloading and subsequent artistic manipulation for the purpose of experimental collaboration and re-posting on this ArtsForge/VisionForge site.