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MusicForge is a virtual space dedicated to online musical collaborations.

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MusicForge artists share loops, grooves and musical ideas via the Internet, using programs like Live, Acid, GarageBand and Digital Performer to create songs in a collaborative manner. Completed songs are posted. Best songs will be gathered into a compilation CD entitled Audiocracy.

Participating musicians are listed in Feature Artists.

MusicForge also offers ArtsForge's Ongoing Online MIDI Collaborative. MIDI files are posted and anyone is free to take them and expand them.

If you are interested in participating, contact

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Pilgrim Village
songs of passage and change
(a work in progress)

Dreams & Promises
the Manhattan years

I Will Love
love songs
of unstable truth

What Survives
collaborative Jazz
Silent Sun Quintet

Holy Land
songs written following September 11, 2001

the best of Tobin's Instrumentals & Film Music

online collaborations of the ArtsForge Collective (ongoing)

Best of CenterStage
compilation of Tobin's music for youth
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Featured Artists:
Mueller | Arthur Kell | Chris Mueller | Woody Mankowski
Twøn | A Helmet of Gnats: Matt Boccino & Chris Fox
Dave Matthews | L.J. Booth | Elmo Maxx

Commissioned Work

Morning Whispers
works for solo piano

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