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Every poetry submission should include the name of artwork it is meant to accompany in the SUBJECT line. Art can be found in any ArtsForge Gallery.
Art to Poetry Submissions Index:
poetry by Angela Egic, inspired by
William Bouguereau's Abduction of Psyche
poetry by niuka, inspired by
Ian Brand's The Touch
poetry by niuka, inspired by
Martin Murphy's The Piano
poetry by Paula Grenside, inspired by
Ian Brand's Worship
poetry by Glynn Sharpe, inspired by
Anna Weinstein's Old Man in Prayer
Ode to Toilet
poetry by niuka, inspired by
Toilet #3
Until the Moment
poetry by niuka, inspired by
Eric Green's Sea Wall
Learning to Float
poetry by niuka, inspired by
Eric Green's Storm
Two Women with Mangoes
poetry by John Horváth Jr., inspired by
Paul Gauguin's Two Women with Mangoes
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The Art & Poetry Submissions Project displays poetry alongside the artwork which provided the initial inspiration. To submit: Please include your poem as the text of an email with the name of the corresponding artwork mention in the subject.

The images, words and music of ArtsForge artists displayed in the ArtsForge Galleries and Showcases are copyrighted with all rights reserved.

If you are interested in participating in future WordForge collaborations,
please contact ArtsForge email.

To submit additional postings for our Art & Poetry Project , please send your text as an email to ArtsForge and identify the artwork by name and artist, with the appropriate URL, if possisble.

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