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Karla Huston's Poetry

Karla Huston is the author of five chapbooks of poetry:

A Halo of Watchful Eyes (Wolf Angel Press 1997)
Pencil Test (Cassandra Press 2002)
Flight Patterns (Main Street Rag Press 2003)
Virgins on the Rocks (Parallel Press 2004)
Catch and Release (Marsh River Editions)

Winner of many writing awards, including the Main Street Rag Chapbook contest, she has published poetry, reviews and interviews in several journals including Cimarron Review, 5 A.M., Free Verse, Margie, North American Review, One Trick Pony, Pearl, Rattle and online

Click here to go to Karl's poerty page.

Tobin James Mueller's Poetry

Tobin is a professional author, composer and Dramatists Guild playwright who has been publishing poetry since 1977. His newest poetry cycle, "Falling Past Love," is a journey of erotic joy and deep separation, and it is winning praise across the web. "Falling Past Love" reads like a series of short stories, creating amoving story of love nearly realized.

His previous award winning poetry cycle, "
Ash", has been expanded with a handful of new poems. "Ash" is a beautiful work that juxtaposes insightful biblical allegories with deeply personal events.

Tobin continues to post a selection of older poems and lyrics, as well as a first-hand account of his experiences living in downtown Manhattan on September 11, 2001: Journal from the Streets.

Also, as a lyricist and composer, please check out his online recordings and available CDs on his Feature Musician page.

J. Carrington Scott

J. C. is a young woman also living in New York City writing from difficult relationship experiences. These first poems are wonderful and we hope for more in the future:

In the end there was no heraldry
If passions could cancel worry
I loved you before
The child's been avenged
When she fancies her skirt
Sometimes you matter more
This cannot be.

Spoken Word by Del

Del's thrilling bass voice is set to musical backgrounds as he brings some of Tobin Mueller's best poetry to life. Free mp3s:

The Fall
The Cigarette and The Actress
Simple as Soap
Wall of Heaven

Richard Schletty

Provocative and thoughtfully spiritual poems:

Prime Time
Spirit Painting
Take Time for God
The Europeanization of Bridget
Silent One
Penitential Rite
Joy of a Slush Puddle
Dominus Proboscis


Art to Poetry Submissions Index:
poetry by Angela Egic, inspired by
William Bouguereau's Abduction of Psyche
poetry by niuka, inspired by
Ian Brand's The Touch
poetry by niuka, inspired by
Martin Murphy's The Piano
poetry by Paula Grenside, inspired by
Ian Brand's Worship
poetry by Glynn Sharpe, inspired by
Anna Weinstein's Old Man in Prayer
Ode to Toilet
poetry by niuka, inspired by
Toilet #3
Until the Moment
poetry by niuka, inspired by
Eric Green's Sea Wall
Learning to Float
poetry by niuka, inspired by
Eric Green's Storm
Two Women with Mangoes
poetry by John Horváth Jr., inspired by
Paul Gauguin's Two Women with Mangoes
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