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Richard Cecil Schletty is a graphic designer by profession but also an unpublished writer of poems and lyrics, an avocation he slowly oozed into at about age forty. In July of 2003, Richard signed on with an online music collaboration community called (where he met Tobin Mueller of ArtsForge). This was a huge catalyst in his late-blooming aspiration to become a professional music composer and performance artist. He has done song collaborations with over a dozen artists from the United States, Germany, Iraq, Italy, Spain, Scotland and England. He usually gets an MP3 instrumental soundtrack from a jammer via e-mail, then proceeds to write lyrics and sing all parts, doing his own mixing at his graphic design studio with a Mac G4 and Logic Express. Richard's poetry was included on the's first compilation album, Best of Poesybeat Workshop, volume 1.

Richard's Poetry Index

Prime Time
Spirit Painting
Take Time for God
The Europeanization of Bridget
Silent One
Penitential Rite
Joy of a Slush Puddle
Dominus Proboscis

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