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Discovering the Heavens | Safe Haven
Brycelander Through Time



Discovering the Heavens
colored pencil sketch
part of the
VisionForge Project

Sheet Music
mixed media

Brycelander Cave Art

These drawings were created to depict ancient legends on the walls of the sacred cave in the Brycelander Spire, on the Sacred Isle. Judy has drawn these for the collaborative project, Brycelander Through Time, a fictional history of Brycelander. They are compressed images for larger viewing when downloaded (for using in submitted artworks that place the drawings in derivative scenes).

The images above represent myths re: The Brycelander Spire
The meaning of these "snake pointers" are unknown.
They might actually be vertical ladders, or ladders to the underground.
These images, plus the for similar ones below, are language glyphs.

Monument to the Mouth of the Cave

Glyph representing the Giver of Life

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