The Princess' New Clothes Project
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Princess Leia - A Portrait
by Miroslav Plancak - Leia model originally created by Jesse L Bond
Displaying the exotic dress and graceful lines of the Jabba Slavegirl design, Princess Leia models her most famous outfit. Below, others present innovative alternatives.

Miroslav Plancak's offsite gallery

The Princess' New Clothes Project
(download this jpeg and resubmit your changes
to her wardrobe)
Everlast III Metallic Teddy  

Like the Emperor's New Clothes before her, we fear Princess Leia's tailor has pulled one over on her…

(Is that Hillary Clinton peering over her shoulder?)

Regarding her new suit, the Intergalactic Guide Book reads:

The fashionable "Everlast III Metallic Teddy" features include:

• Hand-crafted stainless steel
anti-corrosion body armor

• Soft latex lining

• Jedi Knight resistant

• Includes special pressure-sensitive
voice-activated screwdriver
for easy installation and escape

• Optional pleasure kit sold separately
(batteries not included)




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