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These humorous submissions have been gleaned from the web and mailed to us by various ArtsForge collaborators. We hope you enjoy them. Feel free to send us any humor to share with others or to add to those already posted:
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Axioms For the Internet Age

The Collaboration

Musical Humor

Signs You've Been in the Theatre Too Much

Headline Goofs

Impressions from an Office
(gender-based perceptions)

Parental Observations

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?
(answered by various famous people)


Bird Tags

De Dis Page

Why England is Superior to the USA

Digital Creation

Amazing Anagrams

Middle English Book of Riddles

Modern Humorous Riddles

Real Warning Labels

Links to Best Comics/Cartoons on the Web

Fun-Grams' Jokes Archives
Toast's Humor Archive

The World of T. Wally Simp

Big Panda Online Comics

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