Under Construction
Under Construction
Mark Huelsman

Not only are artists from all across the web submitting the many settings for The Brycelander Project, Mark Huelsman has found the Brycelanders themselves in the act of construction. One wonders what historical archives these submitters are raiding... Isn't the web great!

In the cave paintings developed by Judy Sandel, there is a hint of a water-spouting life force eminating from the great Brycelander Spire. Inone, she actually undercovered drawings of pipes and other tunnels reaching down into the caves bel;ow the Spire and turning toward the sea, perhaps connecting the Spire to an underwater dwelling a or installation.

This image suggests a future extension of that dwelling or instillation...

Mark uses Corel PHOTO-PAINT 8.0 to construct his images. His wonderful offsite galleries can be found at this URL:

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