Planet View from Red Moon
Brycelander From Above
A View from the Red Moon
View from Moon Base Monitor
The Home World
A View from a Moon Base
both images by
Dan Campbell

4/1/99 - Dan Campbell has depicted the entire planet, Brycelander 's home world, from just above the surface of it's Red Moon. Taking into account the colors and textures used thus far in rendering Brycelander terrains, Dan chose reddish browns and wispy clouds to color this first image of the entire Brycelander Planet. The 3D effects and other post-render production is by project founder, Tobin James Mueller.

This may spark a whole new line of art depicting the Brycelander colonization of the Red Moon and other Space Travel images...

Dan's offsite images can be found at Just Imagine Art Gallery:

(The 3-D effect of the Red Moon terrain and color saturation were added by Tobin James Mueller. The original art can be seen at Dan's offsite gallery.)

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