J. Carrington Scott
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In the end there was no heraldry

In the end there was no heraldry,
and its all quite different than i'd dreamt
(or feared).
It is quiet and gentle and awkward,
and i find you changed, and older,
although not unpleasantly
I'd remembered your hands,
larger (to look at),
though their touching
I'd remembered
just right.
And your mouth
and all its pinked presents,
and the perfect fit of your opened faced and my shying neck,
these things i remember
that i've never forgotten.
And i wonder how you find me
and if the moments your palms steal
on my thoughtlessly sweatered back
are old or new
or both for You.
But mostly i remember
in the hush and untouchable presciousness
of this too little hour
that your touch is not a bit akin
to the touch of any other
and that strangers or not
i am still, irrevocably,

In the end there was no heraldry © 2000 by J. Carrington Scott
All rights reserved.