J. Carrington Scott
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The child's been avenged

The child's been avenged
and at last layed to rest.

I sleep easier now,
couched in the relief of her repose,
no longer needing to tend to her midnight tears,
her hard-earned tantrums,
her so long unresolved despair,
and ever-stinging rememberances
of Betrayal.

And in her rest,
I invite this invasion of something new
(but familiar)
at last feeling the room in my self-carved canyons
to set to seed
new worlds.

But i discover in her silence(s),
and in this newly seasoned garden,
the tears of a child turned woman
and so long ignored
in the tending to that now sleeping girl.

And though the garden grows well,
My stomach turns itself over
as i remember how long ago
I gave up on freedom.

The child's been avenged © 2000 by J. Carrington Scott
All rights reserved.