The Poetry of Richard Schletty
In a darkened mirror a shadowy hulk,
spectacular, large and frightening,
suddenly supplants my waking reflection.

This oblique projection of a nascent being
suffuses me with self-awareness
and asks me why have I failed to thrive.

Shoulders weak, waist bulging,
ears waxing, eyes burning,
I explain that I'm enervated by exigencies.

The specter waves its hand in disgust
and fades away, leaving behind
the usual stuff in the mirror.

Behold now a penitent man,
rubbing together chafed hands,
heir to an undisciplined intellect.

A soul skipping across waters,
afraid to dive, fearful of flight,
skipping, forever skipping.

Included on the's first compilation album, Best of Poesybeat Workshop, volume 1.

© 2006 Richard Schletty
All rights reserved.

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