The Poetry of Richard Schletty
"Take time for God and He'll take time for you,"
my mother used to say.

Never enough time! Taking way too long!
I'm sorry, your time is up!

The speed of traffic. The growth of our hair.
The progress of our children.
Credit card interest, compounded daily.

Time spent in a bad situation
from which we are unable to escape.

Time for lunch. Time for supper.
Time to praise God for all that
has been, is now, and will be.

...I fell, silently, forever, in a dream.
Pitched slightly forward, dropping down
the edge of an infinitely high cloud,
an infinitely deep chasm. Diffuse light.
No beginning. No end...

Wake me, or I shall go mad!

There, better.

The sense of time brings sanity to our being.
Our being brings sanity to God.

© 2006 Richard Schletty
All rights reserved.

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