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Two Women - Gauguin
"Two Women with Mangoes"

We know them, have seen them clogging
neighborhood streets, business ghettoes
of grown men deep in thought. Oh yes.
We know women whose surplus breasts bob
along under sad smiles of unnoticed good
looks, forgotten attributes advertisers
and bankers and bakers ignore -- perfect
skin, smooth teeth, tight firm muscles
on grand architectures of bone. We have
seen them or those parts moving along
under our steady gaze, beside our dreams
of youth regained. Unencumbered women,
mango and melon mongers, in huge cities
of anonymous men in gray suits and ties
black as hangmen's rope around necks.
Anonymous men gape slackjawed into an
unknown, the unknowable, the big breasts
of women who have other things in mind.

On Polynesian isles these women
are mothers and daughters.
Two Women with Mangoes
Paul Gauguin
see Gallery of Inspiration - Impressionism
After "Two Women with Mangoes"
John Horváth Jr.
John Horváth Jr. edits PoetryRepairShop
also see his bibliography.

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