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The Heavens
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Princess' Clothes

© 1999 Tobin James Mueller, Steven Hägg Ståhlberg, John Spirko, Danny Falch, Ian Brand, Fred Simmons and Kim Vanderhyden.
The Power of 10:
A Collaborative Illustrated Novel

Major Characters - Illustrated
(click on images to see enlargements, etc.)

Aril Ariana
Steven Stahlberg
Aril Ariana, daughter of Dido,
a strong-willed heroine.
(based on "Biker Girl")


Queen of the Portal
Ian Brand;
artifacts by Tobin Mueller
Dido Ariana, Queen of the Portal;
a 5th Dimensional being.


Aril Ariana
Steven Stahlberg
Aril Ariana, after her haircut
and major attitude change;
when she comes back for Ferd.


Steven Stahlberg
Dominatrix, the mercenary love android
who lands in Witherferd's bedroom by accident.


Witherferd Hardling
photos by Kim Vanderhyden
Our teenage hero is based on a real life wonderkid (see above). John Spirko is modeling a 3D mesh to resemble the lad, and Tobin Mueller will be creating an archive of Real Boy hair and face features that will be morphed with the mesh to create the final images.


Manny "Mole" Faust
John Spirko
Using Poser 3, John is beginning to fashion the Janitor.

Din, The Worrying Robot
Danny Falch
Nothing ever seems to work out for this humorous robot (who is the brains behind every Brogdrog invention).


Idd, The Giant Empath
Steven Stahlberg, based on
Loannis Adonakis' original
Shy giant creature from Iddlandia; taken to moments of unpredictable emotionality; able to make herself invisible.


Odd, Idd's Son
Loannis Adonakis
Restless son of Idd left behind on Iddlandia; causes Idd great separation anxiety. (The original draft for Idd.)


ROB5, or "Grok"
Danny Falch
Brogdrog's little robot helper Rob5 who becomes Ferd's best friend, affectionately named because of his empathetic ability to understand the teenage mind.

Romeo and Juliet
John Spirko
Flatland teenage lovers that break through the dimensional barrier with the power of their love.
John's Flatland drafts. P10's Flatland discussions.

Lokia Mortai
Fred Simmons
The evil temptress of the 4th Dimension who is out to unseat Dido and create havoc in the Universe.

The ID PC 4000

Infinite Dimensions PC
Michael Allen
This draft will eventually lead to ad-copy used in the story, plus it willl serve as the 3D model of the newest PC used by the characters in Hong Kong. Ferd hopes he will get one before the story is over...

robots robots

Brogdrog's Guards
Danny Falch
Protecting Brogdrog in his high rise Infinite Dimensions Tower in Hong Kong are these wonderful robots.

VR Goggles

VR Glasses
(click thumbnail to see draft of gear)
John Spirko
A Vietnamese spy living in Hong Kong, now a Feng Shui follower and Gung Ho member of the Feng Shui Chin.
Reflective Face
Reflective Face of the Goddess
Tobin Mueller
A close up of the Altar Statue that holds the great Dimensional Portal aloft.
Reflective Face
Eli Néaux
Steven Ståhlberg
The Victorian Heroine, a/k/a Elspeth Neoldt, the girl Ferd saves from Jack the Ripper.

Once the Story becomes more complete and the Illustrations more numerous,
this page will become an Index of Illustrations BY CHARACTER,
linking to all Character Studies and special Character Description pages.

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"The Power of 10" © 1999 Tobin James Mueller, Steven Hägg Ståhlberg, John Spirko, Danny Falch, Ian Brand, Fred Simmons and Kim Vanderhyden.

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