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The Power of 10
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© 1999 Tobin James Mueller, Steven Hägg Ståhlberg, John Spirko, Danny Falch, Ian Brand, Fred Simmons and Kim Vanderhyden.
Verbal descriptions of potential illustrations; links to completed images and works-in-progress; discussion of what should go in each image.
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*Indicates an image that is still a work-in-progress.
Bold lettering of image titles indicates final/completed image.
Image: Verbal Description of Image:
Chapter 1 TRIXI & THE IDD  
*Sleepless Dreams Ferd laying in his 3D bed amidst his 3D clutter, unable to sleep; camera placement=from ceiling
Reflective Youth: Witherferd Fehlter Hardling, a portrait Open-mouthed and glassy-eyed, Ferd at his computer; the screen reflecting from his glasses and the light glinting off his oily skin...
*Witherferd's Desk As Ferd talks to online pals using a ICQ screen, his web surfing skills can be seen decorating the background; "As light from the portal floods the room we see the last thing Witherferd saw on his screen, before his entire life was changed, forever"; camera=over the shoulder shot of Ferd's Computer. Ferd could be looking right, one hand raised like a protective shield, falling to the ground in fear.
*Helpless at Her Feet Trixi standing over Ferd as she just comes into his room; Ferd is in foreground; camera=behind Ferd, floor height. Original draft needs Ferd in foreground (and more clutter?).
Reflective Face of the Goddess A close up of the altar statute in the Temple of Portals as seen in Ferd's tortured imagination... This is what Ferd is imaging when Trixi tells him that she's come a very long way where people are not like Earthlings...
Aril, the Rebel Teen As Trixi mentions Aril's name, an image flashes in Ferd's mind, blinding him a moment: Aril on a speed bike, racing away, filled with the thrill of freedom, the thrill of adventure. To Ferd, the scene is of another reality, in more ways than one. Aril's image almost makes him feel ashamed of his fantasies regarding Trixi...May be the image that flashes through Ferd's room while daydreaming, as well...
Getting Lucky Ferd almost getting lucky with Trixi; trying not to think of the Goddess, or Aril...
*An Idd Too Large for the Room Image of Idd crouching amidst the bursting-at-the-seams wreckage that was once Ferd's room...
Weighing the Possibilities Idd holding Ferd aloft, unable to read his muddy teenager mind, wondering what to do next; amidst the room's ruins.
Chapter 2 SPIRALING OUT OF CONTROL Flashback: The steps Dido took to get us this far in the story
Temple of the Power of 10 As this chapter takes a step back and explains the premise for the reader, this image introduces the Temple of Portals, where Dido Ariana lives; from here she can see into every dimension and Power of 10. This image will be made into a 360 panorama of the Dido's Temple for the CD-ROM.

*Top 10 First Place finisher.

The Hand of Perspective Long shot of Temple resting in giant hand, from above; using spiraling fractals as circling background, like in a dream.
Singing Forth the Image
*The Portal Lens
A: Dido sings to give the Portal energy; the image of Aril breaks up...
B: Image of Aril Ariana in trouble; straight on shot of winged altar goddess and circular portal, looking up.
2.4a-b (or 1.5)
(+Steven's Trixi)
Alien Love 101 - The Lounge Lizards

swamp outside lounge: click here

Trixi, in the middle an alien orgy, gets an interdimensional summons from Dido... Artist needed to create the Lounge, complete with Lilypad Pillow-Couches, Dragonfly Lights, and alien Lizard beings... Steven will add Trixi in.
Off to Work Idd says goodbye to son, Odd, and heads toward Earth... Artist needed to create Iddland/Idd's home! Odd will be added in by Tobin; Idd is rendered and posed by Steven.
The Helmet of War Awakes Dido at the Altar of Portals; helmet in the foreground trick.

*Bryce Select Award; Top 10 First Place finisher.

Gathering Strength Dido gathers the strength of the Portal.
Dido's Oath Dido with helmet, fists, shot from above altar looking down, winged altar goddess in foreground.
Chapter 3 CIRCUIT BOARDS & SEQUINS [Views of Janitor's Office: click here]
School Nights Idd, Trixi, Ferd looking in school windows just before they bust their way in; lots of shadows, camaraderie; and the bully Sly the Cool happens to show up...
Not Alone... First portrait of the Janitor, Manny "Mole" Faust. Perhaps a close-up of Mole, sinisterly lit by only his blue computer screen, as he hears our Heroes breaking into the school...
(Steven: Trix/Idd)
Out of the Shadows The Janitor steps out of the shadows, appearing for the first time (in the darkened school) to our startled Heroes.
(Steven: Trix/Idd)
The Janitor's Office View of Janitor's office as our characters crowd themselves and check out the space...Idd can't squeeze in and peaks through the doorway...
(Steven: Trix/Idd)
I Think I Know How to Help Ferd and Trixi look surprised toward the Janitor as he announces he may know how to get in touch with Brogdrog. Some of Manny's CIA past comes out.
Voices from the Past Truong-Ha as he is talking to Manny (Janitor) using a new Infinite Dimensions personal communications device. It is able to zoom in using video feed. Truong-Ha is calling from Hong Kong.
The Sequins Fall Into Place Idd impetuously pulls out from under her horny plates a glittery undergarment of reflective sequins (in response to the misunderstanding of "Sequence") and tries to push farther into the janitor's office; the sequins catch on something and splatter through the air. Truong-Ha, seeing Idd reach for the skying sequins, thinks he's seeing a dragon with golden scales. This image should be a freeze-frame looking thing, with the sparkling sequins caught in mid air and Idd looking dragon-like.
John +Fred
with Michael's device
Tagged An image of a zoomed in close up of the tag on Idd's underwear that bears a message to the one viewing it. The viewer is not merely Truong-Ha, but Lokia spying...using her connection to the pc device Truong-Ha is using. (The tag need not be written in Earth letters.) Perhaps Lokia's fingers could be in the image, suggesting evil lurking beyond our sight...
3.8 a


Choosing a Wetware Upgrade
(could be a series of images or a Quicktime Morphing short video)
Trixi and Idd use their interdimensional know-how to convince Ferd to continue to help them: Trixi projects images from her hand-held whip device in several reflective windows on the outside of the school depicting possible body types Ferd could assume if he helps them; in his imagination he morphs into a particularly scary shape (Fred's Dragon?) and suddenly finds himself face to face with Sly (again, this time he has a black eye from their last encounter).
3.8 b
Sly's Black Eye Ferd is suddenly finds himself face to face with Sly (again, this time he has a black eye from their last encounter). Sly makes fun if Ferd...
3.8 c
A Farewell Kiss ...but Ferd shows him Idd's reflection in the window, explaining that it is his "dragon within", and runs while Sly's attention is away. When Sly turns back, Idd is standing in Ferd's place and pounds him one more time. (After all, she can read his mind and reacts to his inseemly thoughts). Trixi adds a kiss, as Sly is sprawled on the ground (or hung from a swing set), for good messure.
Manny: Old Wounds
The Thrill of the Hunt
Manny, the Janitor, considers the problems his guests have before them and the past issues they have reawakened inside him. He takes out all the files and stuff he has on Truong-Ha, Brogdrog, and the unknown assassign of his love, Collette. He decides he will help these people as he opens up his search for Collette's killer...
Chapter 4 THE DIN OF HONG KONG [Views of Dr. Brogdrog's Lab: click here]
[Views of Flatlanders: click here]
Danny/Tobin's Brogdrog(?)/+Truong Artist


The Feng Shui Truong-Ha Kran comes to warn Brogdrog (or calls from a phone booth?)... The scene takes place in Brogdrog's study; it indicates that Brogdrog works in private thru agents like Truong-Ha and that Brogdrog's wealth and arhcetectual practices have upset much of Hong Kong...Perhaps Truang-Ha leaves a gift of a dragon for Brogdrog to place on his desk...
*Brogdrog's Lab (several views) Before Ferd and gang arrive (it takes a couple weeks for them to get to Hong Kong, especially with Idd along, even if she can make herself invisible) - Dr. Brogdrog is at work on applied inter-dimensional theory with increased energy, now that he knows his ideas are possible...
-Images from Brogdrog's Log/Journal: The Simulcra and the Fibonacci numbers Pages from Brogdrog's Journal that illustrate the hypothetical appearance of the Simulcra in 3space (based on the Fibonacci numbers, appearing as an endless spiral of growing rectangles), which, incidentally, looks strikingly like the shimmering entity now suspended in midair in Brogdrog's lab. Could also use Brogdrog's chalk board.
*Testing Theories (several views) (Perhaps a series of images) showing Brogdrog testing theories and making a mess of things.
(with John's notes)
*Filling a Blank Slate A poignant portrait of Din at the Chalk Board, working out a problem to dao with the Time Machine...
*The Guests Arrive Brogdrog, with arm extended, showing our hereos into his gleaming lab.
*Puppy Love ROB5 takes to Ferd right away...
*At the Desk Portrait of Din behind Brogdrog's desk. He has been relegated to the office so as not to be seen by the new arrivals. He listens, and pretends to be a living person.
*Dusting Off Time A loving portrait of Din and his Time Machine - without Grok in the image
*Time Sharing As the crew comes through the door to view the machine, Din looks on. (The door needs to be opened and other characters layered in.) Perhaps Idd has ripped the door off its hinges and come in without Brogdrog's invitation...?
The Master Explains A duo Portrait defining their relationship: As Brogdrog explains the Time machine to our Heroes, Din roles his eyes and interjects sarcastic the Time Machine hanger.
*Stitches in Time The crew enters, with all the field fluxes and post-production that goes into this effort, and boards the TM; an explanation is given re: how it works - to the reader (and what all the visuals mean).
Maiden Voyage Brogdrog is amazed as the Time Machine activates for the first time... The sequence of events that ends in the intrusion of the Simulcra into the Dimensional Rift occurs (just AFTER this image).
The Stitch Tears The Simulcra tears through the fabric of Dimensionality, as well as Brogdrog's office building.
The Summons Lokia summons Brogdrog and the reader realizes more evil is lurking...
Chapter 5 NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT Adventures in Time and Space in which Witherferd learns and grows; and a few that catch a glimpse or hint of where Aril might be. The chapter is like following a riddle, and watching Ferd mature.
Cramped for Space in Time Internal shot of Grok on Ferd's lap (?) or leaning in, plus Trixi with her arm over Din in a casual way; Idd smooshed off to the side (?)
+Steven's T-Rex
*The Missing Link A dinosaur setting, perhaps causing their extinction 65 million years ago (as Homer would say, "Oops!") - and the saving of a small pregnant field shrew that ends up being the great great grandma to human beings(?)
Ezekiel Sees the Wheel Ezekiel seeing the wheel way up in the middle of the air (it's really Brogdrog's time machine).
*Virginity Washes Away Ferd being taken into a Turkish Bath wherein he loses his Constantinople.
Can We Try That Again? A most excellent decadent orgy in Caligula's Palace. Ferd matures a lot here as well.
*A New Way of Seeing Giving Galileo the idea of the telescope...
Death Shoved Aside Meeting Jack the Ripper in a dark foggy London alley, accidentally pushing him into another Time Gate (that's why the murders suddenly stopped), but where does he end up?
Death Shoves Back
World War One - Front Lines
In which Ferd almost loses his life, learns that courage is a matter of caring for others instinctually, helps a soldier.
Star Trek Convention Our Heroes happen upon a humorous destination...
Future Shock Future visit: At President Larry Flint's inauguration, and standing aside his wheel chair: the vice presidential nominee, Chelsea Clinton.
See the end of this table for a list of possible side stories for this and other chapters...
Chapter 6 STAR-CROSSED LOVERS Romeo and Juliet enter Brogdrog's lab as the activation of the Time Machine causes a dimensional rift...
*The Power of Love Romeo and Juliet emerging from the "lens" into the lab.
The Simulcra (in 3space) View(s) of the Simlucra as it sticks into the lap, time machine room, and from outdoors.
*The Dimensional Lens Romeo & Juliet strung up across the magnetic vortex to create a lens to see into Flatland (and beyond)
Evil's Many Faces As Lokia watches our Heroes, this portrait shows Lokia's multiple/shifting personae.
Plotting Lokia plots with Brogdrog
Aril Gets the Shaft Brogdrog binding up Aril and stuffing into a hiding place...
Old Friends Lokia tips the reader to the fact that she killed Collette so many years ago and is worried that the genius janitor is back in the hunt...
Faust, Jr.; a Modern Bargain Lokia somehow contacts Sly the punk kid to take out Manny (but, later on, we see this only wrecks Manny's equipment, then drives him out of hs basement to become a factor in the final scenes in Hong Kong).
*The Sensuality of Evil Portait of Lokia, full of confidence, on her throne
Chapter 8 A NEW PERSPECTIVE The entrance of the Flatlanders; more on Lokia & Brogdrog; our heroes return; Idd translates; discover/create the Dimensional Lens/ can talk to Dido again!
Chapter 9 A RACE WITH NO TIMER Our Heroes race to get the Simulcra first; Ferd decides to go back home, ROB5 goes along...
Chapter 10 THE LABYRINTH OF LOVE As it runs out, Aril is tied up in the elevator shaft of Brogdrog's Ferd and Grok (ROB5), free her...and Lokia, wearing the simulcra, steps out of the shadows; Faust does something, last minute, to save them from Lokia. Just as the rest of the gang show up, too late to help, but in time to celebrate.
Choosing Since Ferd has held up his end of the initial bargain, Dido gives him the option to have any shape he chooses. Options are reiterated, but Ferd chooses to stay himself ("whoever that has become," he thinks to himself).
Chapter 11 BACK TO "NORMAL" Ferd is in his class, after everything has been cleaned up; all epilogue loose ends are tied; then Aril comes back for him...
The adventure continues...?
Illustrations that will be needed:
Fred Basement Labyrinth New views of Mole's equipment, rooms, projects
Fred  Scenes in Lokia Mortai's Cyber Hell Dido's nemesis and her 4th Dimension Hellish Space
Danny  Friends Heartwarming picture of Ferd & Grok at work/play together
Danny/Steven/John The Secret Language of Idd Idd seen communicating with the Flatlander Teens, stopping Brogdrog from creating the large power surge that he hopes would dislodge the Simulcra but would actually kill the Flatlanders. Idd suggests the Dimensional Lens instead.
Danny+ Plotting the Destruction of the World Staying behind as the rest leave to find/save/free Aril, Brogdrog talks with the Flatlanders and agrees to help them in their quest to have Earth detonate all its nuclear devices, creating dimension warps that will save the Flatlanders, and, Brogdrog believes, create an entire universe that he can name after himself. (Steven Hawking, eat your heart out.) Once he gets the hang of it, Brogdrog figures he and these Flatlanders can become the greatest Universe Makers of..the World!
Aril Found Using the Dimensional Lens, they find Aril (where?)
Steven The Bait Aril in bondage in Brogdrog's elevator: the trap Lokia set for our heroes...
Steven+character Boy Meets Girl Ferd and Aril, after/just before she's/he's freed...
Steven+character Class Dismissed Aril, with her new haircut, materializes in Ferd's classroom
Steven+character Ever After Aril and Ferd, the last we see of the at story's end.
Steven Research Trixi doing "love" research in exotic places...
Touch of the Goddess View of 5space being as scene from 3space
John Flatland Depiction(s) of Flatland as described by Romeo and Juliet.
John Images from Brogdrog's Log/Journal: Flatland Pages from Brogdrog's journal that explain his theories about the Flatlanders and inter-dimensional activity.
The Sex Drive Engine Ferd's completed invention, with a proud Ferd & Grok: A Portrait, maybe on the cover of Popular Mechanics!
The Grassy Knoll A scene placing our heroes in Dallas during JFK's assassination, adding to the unexplained events, perhaps accidentally enabling the killers to escape
Uncovering a Legend An opium den in Shanghai in the 1800's. Meeting a young Sherlock Holmes and introducing him to a failed doctor and would be writer, Arthur Doyle.
Alien Worlds Alien worlds of all kinds, mainly for Trixi and/or our heroes to explorer...
Other Side Story ideas Amelia Erhardt's disappearance

Meeting Great People:
+Archimedes, perhaps just before he bathes (and thinks of equation for Specific Gravity)
+Einstein, at a black board, suggesting E=mc2, or at a pool table suggesting space-time
+Newton, apple and the tree
+DeVinci, taking him for a ride...

Several Historical Scenes The Time/Space device, which doesn't work quite right, has our heroes visit ANY spot we want to imagine...

Please comment, amend, edit, expand on and help complete the Premise Discussion.

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