Singing Forth the Image

Singing Forth the Image

1999 © Tobin James Mueller
collaborative artwork for The Power of 10, a VisionForge MultiMedia Project

Dido Ariana, the Keeper of the Portal to the Fifth Dimension, brings forth images
from the Portal through music, both by singing (as shown here) and on her enchanted lyre.
In this scene, she sings to find her daughter, Aril, but the image breaks up.
The failure to find her daughter sets into motion all the dramatic action that follows.

This version of Dido Ariana was rendered in Poser 3 by Tobin Mueller
and is the only Power of 10 image of Dido not painted by Ian Brand.
The fractured image coming out of the Portal is Dido's daughter, Aril,
with the head rendered in 3D by Steven Ståhlberg and the body painted by Ian Brand.
All post-rendering effects done in Photoshop by Tobin Mueller.

The lifelike image of Dido was rendered in Poser 3 using Poser lighting, then
layered over the Bryce rendering of the Temple. Dido's hair was
drawn in pixel by pixel over the bald female model, and adjustments were made
in postproduction to make the nose longer, lips fuller, and to vary the focus
(blurring the head) to create a sense of perspective.

The statue holding the Portal is specially sharpened to bring out the center of power
at the altar, even though perspective would have it be blurred.
This was done to create a sense of duality between the Singer and the Instrument.

For a description of tools and techniques for other items in the Temple, see:
The Portal of the Power of 10.
The Helmet of War Wakes (a Bryce Select winner)
Gathering Strength (800x640 - 248k version)
Gathering Strength (600 pixels - 114k version)
Dido's Oath (800 pixels - 288k version)
Dido's Oath (640 pixels - 134k version)
The Hand of Perspective (800 pixels - 268k version)
The Hand of Perspective (600 pixels - 116k version)
The Portal Lens (early draft)
Reflective Face of the Goddess
Song of Creation (690x609 - 188k version)
Song of Creation (600x530 - 75k version)
Naked Choices (800 pixels - 120k version)
Naked Choices (640 pixels - 80k version)
more to come...

The Power of 10 is an Online Collaborative Picture Book project
in its formative stages. As the initial illustrations are completed,
writers are sketching out the first chapters and musicians are composing theme music.
See "Contents".

Singing Forth the Image is a Bryce Select Award Winner.

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