Witherferd's Bed  

Sleepless Dreams

1999 © Steven Hägg Ståhlberg
collaborative artwork for The Power of 10, a VisionForge MultiMedia Project

"Witherferd Fehlter Hardling III has been having weird dreams lately.
Unusually vivid, recurring dreams. Dreams so potent that, well,
he's decided to spend more time asleep just to see what will happen next."

Steven has created Ferd's bed on which the 3D model of Witherferd will be inserted
in this scene from the work-in-progress online illustrated novel, The Power of 10.

The Power of 10 is an Online Collaborative Picture Book project
in its formative stages. As the initial illustrations are completed,
writers are sketching out the first chapters and musicians are composing theme music.
See "Contents Discussion".

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