Elmo Maxx

  Elmo Maxx has been writing songs for over 30 years. Starting on his grampa’s banjo at 14, he has played and written acoustic folk and folk-rock, electric rock and blues, rock music for children’s theater and short independent films, alone and in collaboration. On stage experience includes rock, folk and acoustic rock groups as well as solo tours. Most notably, Midwestern dates with a band opening for Ted Nugent, solo act college coffeehouse gigs, rock concerts opening for the Byrds, Sugarloaf, Frigid Pink, and Crow, and three years at the New England Fiddle Festival in New York State. Elmo has recently appeared in Oregon with the Johnny Wild Band.

    Recorded writing credits include “Ship In The Night”,”Mister #1”, and “Maple Syrup”, all home produced full length tapes. The theme from “Creature” (awaiting production on Broadway) and “Rock Man Sings Geology” are now property of Center Stage Productions, a theatrical production company based in Wisconsin.

    Elmo’s first professional recording since 1972,  titled “Wolves With Dark Glasses”, mixed in Feb 1997, is available on cassette. It features great players from Eugene, Or. and Phoenix, Az., with lyric collaboration with author Mariah Wolf. The songs are all rock, with shades of country, heavy metal, pop, punk, and a Latin love song featuring Mingo Lewis (formerly of Santana and the Tubes) on conga.

    Lyric content ranges from deep and serious, sensual and moving, to sarcastic and silly, all with an unmistakable ring if truth. Elmo continues to write, with many tunes in the final stages prior to recording.

    Demo tapes of those recorded are available on request, with lyric and lead sheets as needed. See Elmo's website for a list of titles, starting with the most recent. Please direct your inquiries to:
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