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Morning Whispers (solo piano)
Dreams & Promise
What Survives (jazz)
Pilgrim Village
Holy Land
I Will Love
Best of CenterStage
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What Survives
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"I Will Love" runs 74 minutes and contains 20 original tracks.

all music by Tobin James Mueller
© 2004 Tobin James Mueller

Jazz CD


Tobin James Mueller • keyboards
Encho Tudorov • violin
Chris Mueller • piano
Dane Richeson • drums & percussion

All instruments not listed are
performed or programmed by Tobin James Mueller

1. Fray Zone (10:44)
from Dreamless

2. The River Song (4:20)
Piano/Arrangement: Chris Mueller
Percussion: Dane Richeson

3. Almost Dreaming (8:17)
from Dreamless

4. Merlyn’s Procession (5:38)
from “Merlyn”

5. March of the Termite Men (12:27)
from Dreamless

6. The Creek (1:06)

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Divided Soul Medley:
7. Be My Love (4:49)
8. Solo 1 (0:47)
9. Dance (6:47)
10. Solo 2 (0:47)

Merlyn Medley:
11. Merlyn’s Books (1:56)
12. Merlyn’s memory (2:20)
13. God Save Us (o:44)
14. Burning The Books (1:32)
15. Recapitulation (0:53)
16. Remembrance Dance (1:49)
17. Vortigern’s Organ (1:05)
18. First Prophecy (1:44)
19. Vortigern’s Organ II (2:47)
20. Lady of the Lake (1:18)

© 2004 Tobin James Mueller

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Morning Whispers
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New Age, Classical, Jazz

What Survives
collaborative Jazz
Silent Sun Quintet

Pilgrim Village
songs of passage and change


I Will Love
love songs
of unstable truth


Dreams & Promises
the Manhattan years

Holy Land
songs written following September 11, 2001

Best of CenterStage
compilation of Tobin's music for youth
Reflective Face
online collaborations of the ArtsForge Collective (ongoing)

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