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Xianu Override is a mystery that is solved as the story line unfolds.  There are many twists that are not straightened out until later in the drama. If you read the following account, it may diminish your enjoyment of reading the Illustrated Novel (soon to be posted) or of playing the Mac-based game. It's up to you.

The Inheritance
The story begins on Luna as the Player is contacted by an old friend of his Uncle Cameron Wilde.  Cam has died and left an inheritance for you:  a very cool experimental space craft with loads of space for weapons and cargo plus a device that will help you cheat your way into winning the Tyllarian Lottery.  If you play your cards right, you'll win a million credits after the first couple of missions.

UFO Mission in Voinian Space
Your jubilance is interrupted by a beautiful woman who asks if you'll investigate a UFO crash on an obscure Voinian planet.  How can you refuse?  It gives you a chance to test out your new vessel against the Bad Guys of the Galaxy.  Your foray into Voinian space can lead several ways, depending on the random mission engine.  You'll hopefully discover the Voinian Capitalists and travel to Damon IX where you'll be able to trade for Voinian technology for the first time and learn about the complex underground brewing beneath Voinian Tyranny.

The Prometheus Project
Because you are not only Cameron Wilde's nephew, but also the son of a famous United Earth Commander (see the Introduction Text for more details), you are recruited by several Men-In-Black to help with a secret test.  The mission results in the terraforming of a planet in the Uncharted District.  Because you are a curious sort, you gather information about the terraforming device, even though you've promised the Men-In-Black not to.  Your friendly personality gets several people killed as they tell you things that were supposed to be kept secret.  Before you know it, you've given vital information about the device to Posthuman scientists and opened a can of worms that no one would have foreseen...

The Alien Mothership Arrives
Playing around with terraforming technology has caught the eye of an alien race in a far off, yet mysteriously connected, galaxy.  Reports of disturbances in Voinian space are filtering through the "VC" underground network.  Although no one in UE space knows it yet, an alien mothership has arrived.  But typical Voinian hospitality is yielding only violent encounters.  United Earth officials dismiss the rumors, since they don't really care if Voinians are dying, anyway.

The Vocodo Involvement
Your access to the Prometheus Project's information enabled you to get to know several Posthumans and their sympathizers.  You are with one of these one a young woman bursts into a Tyllarian bar, screaming and hysterical.  Three gunmen chase after her.  You have no choice but to come to her rescue.  She ends up taking you to Eden, the newly terraformed planet that is being overrun by Vocodo cultists.  She is pregnant and actually gives birth on your ship.  You form a special bond with the newborn and help out this new mother and child find a safe hiding place from her pursuers.

What you find out is that she is one of hundreds of young women kept by the Stellar Corporation on a cloaked planet called Pandora.  They were poor street kids from the Tyllarian System (a new system owned by Stellar Corp) that were starving any way and had no education to speak of.  On Pandora they were creating fetal matter for life extension and genetic alteration experiments (in direct conflict with pervasive UE laws).  The girl you save, Kata, simply was tired of aborting her fetuses for Corporation use and wanted to have her own child.  She had to escape to do it.

Stellar Corporation Exposed
Now the Corporation has been exposed and you're on several people's hit list. On top of that, the Vocodo followers think the girl's child is their coming Messiah.  You've gotten yourself in the middle of what will turn out to be a galactic religious revolution, with devastating results. Actually, a Posthuman hacker friend of yours has discovered that UE authorities were already on to the Pandoran experiments.  He is convinced the Corporation staged Kata's escape to get her out of the spotlight; once kata had escaped, she would have the child and they could monitor everything from a safe distance.  They never expected you to intervene and ruin things for them.

Vocodo Gods Live
While you help Kata stay one step ahead of Stellar Corp bounty hunters, you learn more about the Vocodo people.  You become convinced that their gods are actually Artificial Intelligences that have evolved within the growing intragalactic communications web.  They were actually manipulating the Stellar Corporation to create the Pandoran experiment so that they could use a human interface (Kata's child) to experience life in a physical body.  So the child really is the Vocodo Messiah, the one who will enable their gods to transcend heaven (the web) and walk among us.

But just as you are about to make certain of this, you are recruited to go to Voina and investigate a substantial escalation in the Alien Mothership scenario.

A Voinian Call of Help
Although few believe it to be anything but a trap, the Voinians have sent a distress call to Earth.  They claim an alien fleet has destroyed at least three entire star systems.  The fleet is now in the Voinia System and threatening their capitol planet.  You are asked to substantiate these claims. When you arrive, you find the biggest Voinian fleet ever assembled engaged in battle with an alien ship twice the size of Voina itself!  You swing by the southwestern stellar systems and find out that half of them have vanished.  United Earth begins to take Voinian pleas for help seriously.

Galactic Braintrust
You volunteer for a mission to help assemble and team of the greatest minds in the galaxy.  You pick up Vlagos Hizdriar from Mira, Dirach Kade from Azdgari, and a shifty Igadzra tinkerer called "Iggy" who seems more interested in stealing technology than helping the team.  The Zidagar refuse to join, saying the aliens pose no threat to them.  You add to the team your Posthuman friend, Cocoon, and a Sphynx translator (since language barriers are huge).  All this running around also helps you explore the galaxy, in case you haven't taken the time, yet.

Atlantis Sinks
Visiting Sphynx space brings you face to face with the alien ship - before any UE led fleet can come to your rescue.  Voinians and Stellar Corp mercenaries and Posthumans battle each other as well as the alien craft.  You escape to Mu to give your genius dream team time to think.  But not before the beautiful world of Atlantis is ruined in the battle.  

The Ship Is Defeated
The Sphynx Holy Man, Myrthn, opens up the secrets of Pyrthn technology, enabling the braintrust to tap into multi-dimensional space-time forces of infinite density.  They are able to create a spinning electromagnetic radiation field that defeats the mothership (although it is up to you and your escorts to defeat the saucer fighters). You board the alien vessel and discover a route to the galaxy from which it came.  But you still don't know if it is safe to go there...


Xianu Revealed
The player must explore on his own to discover the Xianu aliens.  They end up being a far cry from the bloodthirsty star destroyers depicted by the Voinians. The Alpha stage of Xianu Override only goes this far in the story.

Still to come:
Xianu Musicians: Planet Builders
The Angels Bring Sentience
The Vocodo Gods Arise
Xianu and the Ancient Fortress
Voinia Invades Earth (While the Cats Away…)
Intergalactic Union
Beyond Space-Time

More of "The Story" will be added in upcoming UPDATES, including additional graphics.

  "Mothership" and "Weird Science" © 1997 by James Neff.
"Fire God" © 1996 by David Camp.

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