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The Next Revolution is a joint project sponsored by ArtsForge and Eagle Creek Publishing.

In an effort to envision The Next Revolution in Technological, Social & Cognitive Change,
we are sponsoring an art, music, writing & animation contest that will run through the entire
year of 2000. The best works in each category will be archived at ArtsForge.

Mission: To invent a derivative near future through stories, images and sounds
with themes and motifs that illustrate revolutionary change...the next step beyond
our present Industrial & Informational Age.

As we gather the list of finalists, links to their works are being posted in the Archives.

We hope your are interested in joining us and submitting your own visionary work.
Please see these links for further information:

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Art Submissions | Story Submissions | Music Submissions | Animation Submissions
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After looking over the above links, if you still have questions, please email
Shawn Haley or Tobin James Mueller


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