Kyle Richtig
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Are You Waiting For Me?

Only fragments remain
Of the life once called my own.

The minutes rock me into Eternity.

Place and time transform,
Yet my cell, each cell, is the same,
Unchangeable, enduring years,
My own evolution;
Yet clinging to basic principles

All I ask for,
Is another lost in time and space to cling to.

Someone who can hold me
Beneath the darkness
And complete my geometry.

I need absolution from this torrent
Of de-evolution.

Yet again to bathe in the light
Of someone's laughter
And touch,
And yet again to fall mercilessly
with the plundering emotion of love;
Which can transform this place
Into a garden of beauty,
An eddy of despair.

Are You Waiting For Me? © 2000 by Tobin james Mueller & Kyle Richtig
All rights reserved.