Elena Morozov
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To Be

To be or not to be
Is no longer the question of this century.
It is no longer what I ask
My heart made a decision,

Without asking what my mind thought.
Like a snowflake that touches lips
I melt, I drip,
I loose my cool, I loose control.

I'm like a lioness in heat.
I need you now, I want you near,
To feel your lips, to make me scream,
I want your heart to skip a beat.

Look at me! My eyes are full of tears.
I waited long, I searched high and deep,
but no one came as close as you did,
I long to hear your voice,

To hear your breath
Even if it's all a lie
I want it! Every bitter drop
Please let me drink, thats all I want...

To Be © 2000 by Elena Morozov
All rights reserved.