Fred Haney
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Porcelain Doll

Porcelain doll of exquisite beauty
Carved from a master's hand
Glazed and polished in a mystic hearth
Of ordinary dirt and sand.

Emerald eyes of the deepest green
And lips of ruby red
A chain of pearls and precious gold
A tiara for your head.

Angelic smile of rapturous beauty
What is it that you see?
Veiled and hidden, the longing for
A forgotten dynasty?

Beguiling doll of seductive beauty
Passion and ecstasy
Why am I drawn into your world
Is that my prophecy?

Or have you seen too many broken dreams
To wish one of your own?
How cruel of you to tempt this fool
Into wanting to take you home.

Porcelain Doll © 2000 by Fred Haney
All rights reserved.