Moonrise Promise
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Love's Perfect Art

His hands explore a heavy hello.
Minds, swaying hips, seductive, dance slow.

Breasts full engorge, nipple ripe ready,
Boundaries burst, resolve unsteady.

Kiss-parching mouth, wanting wet greeting,
Vulva swelled round, seeking love's meeting

Relentless tongue, lapping love's urging;
They become all clitoral surging.

Pounding desire. From heart's erection
Flows molten sounds of their perfection.

Sweet taste of skin, a breath's soft caress;
Entwined hearts, legs; content now, at rest.

Given to them was love's perfect art;
But they betray each other. They part.

Author's Note: My idea of what physical intimacy can achieve, given that raw truthfulness
and total vulnerability exist between the couple -- eroticism pure. But this
purity is betrayed. We are only human, after all.

Love's Perfect Art © 2000 by Moonrise Promise
All rights reserved.