Moonrise Promise
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Trying On Old Grace

The child denied his protective gestures
And decried the symbols she saw
Of his perfected and practiced paternity.

She feared she would be sinning.

The young woman recognized his maturity,
Appreciated the indepth wisdom,
Considered his age and sought a healthy experience.

She offered her secrets.

His love was gentle while tough,
Demanding only her consistent effort --
Demanding her consistent effort.

She recognized his truth and opened her mind.

Trusting was slow to build
But was at last total for the child grown woman,
Allowing her to try again when she failed.

There is no sin in such love.

Turning 61, she smiled at the girl,
Nodded recognition to the young woman
Accepted her self.

And there was courage to love him more.

Trying On Old Grace © 2000 by Moonrise Promise
All rights reserved.