Barb Tucker
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Memories of Music

As the sun smiles down
On meadows filled with gold
I hear the beat of music
A melody unfolds
The thundering of drum beats
Sweet rhythm in my ears
As memories of music begin to appear
A blast of jubilation
From flaring nostrils flow
A song of hope and longing
Arises in my soul
A flash of ebony begins
To create a tempo near
A background of nickering
Begins to fill my ears
It's memories of music
A dance that fills the air
Of hoof beats tapping out the notes
Of whinnies oh so dear
I run toward the pastures green
With hopes of copper prance
To spy an angel dressed in gold
Begin her earthly dance
But memories are just memories
Of things loved far and near
And pastures green turn silent
As my footsteps quick drawn near
No dancing with an angel
No fairy prances here
So my memories of music
Are what's left to hold dear.

Memories of Music © 1997 by Barb Tucker
All rights reserved.