Fred Haney
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Why The Morning Bird Sings

Are proper terms of endearment
Always chiseled and set in stone?
Could there be some flexibility
When reality make fantasies our own?

Is it proper to feel betrayed
If limits and boundaries are breached?
What harm is there to live and let live
Though agreements have never been reached?

Is it better to yield and bend
Like a blade of grass in a gale
Than stand too proud with arrogance
In shifting sand, falter and fail? it simply a matter
To ignore the conflict within
To thus vanquish the tormenting
And welcome the bliss, however thin?

And what price for this compliance?
What cost for this false harmony?
What measure is there of the consenting heart
True compassion or enslaved sympathy?

I curse this proper morality
And I wish to be forever set free

For I now know why the morning bird cries
When there's no one around to see

The most saddest sounds I've ever heard
Are the silence of lonely sighs
When a heart's about to break in two
Is that why the morning bird cries?

The most painful words I've never heard
Are yet to be spoken out loud
Trapped in the eyes of a careless love
And veiled behind a bastion cloud.

Have you ever heard the morning bird cry
When there's no one around to hear?

Pennies in a well for a wish come true
And a trifle held to the breast
The wishing at night on a shooting star
Perish like vows put to rest?

I now know why the morning bird cries
When there's no one around to see

Sad, but true, the desperate sighs
Are tears of her profound misery

Have I caged with binding chain,
Her spirit unintentionally?
Does she save her tears for the rain
In shackles no one else can see?

I know now why the morning bird sings
In words so graciously spoken
It's simply because gilded rings
Can't amend a heart once broken

A cage made up of silver and gold
Jewels adorned, boundaries defined
Allows the heart to grow so cold
As if by some careful design

She sees the bright and beautiful skies
And silently prays to be free

I now know why the morning bird cries
When there's no one around to see

Why The Morning Bird Sings © 2000 by Fred Haney
All rights reserved.