Moonrise Promise
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She was mad and hurt, not talking to him.
He gave her a kiss on the cheek as he left.
She thought him sweet to acknowledge her feelings and still offer love.
He thought it was a pleasant habit to kiss her goodby. He'd forgotten her mood.
How mismatched they are.

Seeing her tears he worried he hadn't pleased her.
She explained the tears of pleasure and gratefulness.
He thought her considerate to make such excuse. She thought him patient,
And knew he'd keep trying, though he'd succeeded.
How mismatched they are.

She talked about writing a book.
He wrote several books.
Her insights into people were sensitive.
His writing was another learning adventure - he'd always been curious.
How mismatched they are.

He talked genetics.
She talked psychology.
He wanted to know what made the personality.
She wanted to know what happened after it was made.
How mismatched they are.

They talked about these things and laughed and loved.

Mismatched © 2000 by Moonrise Promise
All rights reserved.