Barb Tucker
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He lived a life full of curiosity
For the earth
For the handicrafts of man
The antique treasures, clocks, photos
The shrouds of flint pointing upward
After the fall plows had exposed them.
...For you, your laughter, companionship
Fishing for bass in a special spot
Tramping through the freshly tilled rows
Seeking the precious reminders
Of another nation that had been left behind.
It was his turn to leave this earth
To leave you
With nothing but memories and laughs
A shared meal, a sunset in some magical harbor
Another garage sale bargain.
Say good bye to today
Say hello to all of those memories
And keep them close to your heart.
Listen to the wind
His voice it will carry
And lead you back to yesterday.

Mac © 1997 by Barb Tucker
All rights reserved.