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Our Joy

The fading ambers
sooth away the paralysis
of your touch
forcing me to wonder
how you've allowed
yourself so much hate
and with time
to know that your
hate wasn't hate at all
but the undying desire
to touch her body like
it were your own
to caress each subtle curve
with the tender touch of hopefulness
that would allow you to set me free
behind jaded memories
that were not your own
you've destroyed any hope
to know her splendor
to feel her calm
serenity wrapped around
your emotional cortex
that you've neglected for so long
and how you wish
you could remember your heart beat
and what it meant such a short time ago
the way she gave you that rush
that comfort
she felt like home
to you she was a
godly gift sent form
the heavens
but here I stand
with arms outstretched
wondering if this is the way
it'll always be
a platonic victim
that over time becomes
a primal urge to you
the one who couldn't remember my name
or what it meant
the first time out gaze
looked to the stars together
we felt empty
but grew to one another
like a tree planting roots
we fed off of each others
misery and eventually it
became our joy

Our Joy © 2000 by Amanda Simmons
Detroit Michigan
All rights reserved.