Moonrise Promise
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I Am Serenely Confident

Come see: his words compelling her to waken and to soar;
To touch his wing in whimsy's flight, a guileless love explore.

Beckoning words whispered on air, fluttered to new terrain.
Kalaidoscopic colored words she heard in sweet refrain.

I am serenely confident: thus resolute, he led.
His words dissolving hesitance; ascending, her fears shed.

Come try: and to his bidding call she nought but could comply.
I am serenely confident soared upward her reply.

At heaven's eve they gently met, touched wings, and length to length,
Their song of flight unveiled a joy to ever be their strength.

As moonrise in a summer sky, with promises to come,
Their poem lived, had from illusion's words to life become.

Author's Note: On turning 60 last year, I had an affair that awakened me to
the realization of my full potential as a woman and reminded of my femininity.

I Am Serenely Confident © 2000 by Moonrise Promise
All rights reserved.