Moonrise Promise
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Cloaks of Courage

I met him only once, to touch his face;
And suddenly grew shy. I, Irish lace,
He, Scots clan tartan wool. His heart my place.

One meeting, aye, just one - yet souls now clutch
Foreverness of time. In brief sweet touch
He brushed my lips; eternity is such.

A future not for us. A past we weep.
This present time too precious not to keep.
And so we love - awake, adream, asleep.

Ignited flame our minds, our hearts aglow
With lovers' truth. Our time will end, and so,
Clad Celtic style, in courage cloaks we'll go.

Author's Note: This poem is based on a different, fuller love, and the realization of the
importance of loving - giving - totally, even in difficult circumstances.

Cloaks of Courage © 2000 by Moonrise Promise
All rights reserved.