Xianu Override Features

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120 New Stellar Objects - including huge Gas Giants, Stellar Anomalies, Black Holes, Forming Stars and Planets Under Construction.

200 New Missions - including difficult mine clearing missions on the Voinian border, arena-style dogfights in Tyllaria, terraforming missions and missions resulting in the birth of new species. The new story line has 120 new missions; the rest or meant to expand and enhance the EVO worlds already created.

101 New Terrains - amazing art by several award-winning artists; Xianu Override pushes the envelope of EVO by using Landing Pictures to help tell the story with thrilling graphics.

18 New Ships - including a gigantic Mothership and totally unique Xianu Explorers.

10 New Governments - including Posthumans (Renegades with cyborg implants); Vocodos (a new religious movement that unites several species); a secret Stellar Corporation alliance; and a new Voinian "Capitalist trading" cult.

6 New Species - including Gas Giant Beings, the feline Sphinx, the winged Angels, and Energy Beings.

An Entire New Galaxy - connected through wormholes and technology beyond human comprehension, the Xianu Galaxy spirals in the margins and intertwines with the complete and current EVO galaxy.

New Look Interface - including new Radar Screen, 4 new Gambling Screens, new Holovids (brought to you by Xianu's "Tyllarian Casino").

Complete "Overriding" Storyline - Xianu Override is a sweeping story told through interlacing missions and exciting action scenarios; but it does not ignore the wonderful story and peoples created by the original EVO.  In fact, it brings together and makes sense out of many EVO storylines that were unfinished or not developed in the original.

A Whole New Take on Things - although there are plenty of new and expanded battle scenarios (in fact, two intergalactic wars involving several missions strung together), the focus of Xianu Override is unraveling the mysteries in the story and discovering new species of musicians and creators that are able to construct planets and bring species to sentience.

EVO "Jumpstarter" Missions - have you ever felt like you've lost the thread of some EVO missions and don't know if there's more? The mission computer on Xianu Mnu has 20 missions intended to jump start the most commonly "lost" missions of the original EVO.

The new Holovid Screen features Fembots from Tyllarius, by Hajime Sorayama. For Sample Screens from the actual game, go to Sample Screens.

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