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I (Tobin Mueller) started this game as a collaboration between 6 guys. I was supposed to be the writer, the story guy who wrote the missions. But my programmers never came through, so I became the reluctant programmer, dedicating 300 hours to programming stuff. Well, I burned out last September, so the project faultered, tragically, near completion.

All the artists did their job, as you've seen from the great art. I applaud their skill and dedication. What I need now are people, like you, to download the almost completed plugs below and fix them for me. Then change their name and upload them back to me (into the ftp.artsforge.com folder)

The fixes include programming ships to move right, etc.; programming shipyards to offer the correct ships/outfits; fixing stuff in missions; and generally helping me with upbeat, can-do attitudes.

It's been so long that I have forgotten most of what I learned in EV-Edit, etc., and what I wrote in the missions. So if you have questions are coding assistance, be specific.

Newest versions posted: 2/5/99
Total size: 18 meg

All (*) plugs are still in Alpha testing and are incomplete.
All (*) are in beta testing.

for Macintosh Computers only

Xianu Override tells its story through incredible artwork as well as missions and action; it is very graphic intensive. So we've split it up into several plug. We may consolidate once the Alpha Programming is done.:

*Xianu Titles Plug 2.1 (2k)
*Xianu Missions Plug (56k)
*Xianu Stellars Plug 3.2 (1897k)
*Xianu Terrains I Plug 2.6 (4540k)
*Xianu Terrains II Plug 2.7 (7646)
*Xianu Ships Plug 2.0 (5k)
*Xianu NewLook Features Plug 1.3 (251k)

Extra Plugs:
Override Shuttle (1k)
(it gets you lots of credits when you sell your initial shuttlecraft)

Not yet ready:
Xianu NewSounds Plug
Xianu Outfits Plug
These plugins will have ambiance sounds for almost every world.

File sizes are ZIPPED sizes.
Most files expand to a little less than twice the zipped size.

If the files are too big for you to download (if you have a slower modem, for example), we will send you a copy on a zip disk or a CD-ROM. See our Order Form for details.

NOTE: This program is only in the Alpha stage of testing. We ask that you email all recurring bugs and other mission problems to us. Then we can fix the plug for our upcoming Beta release.

The Alpha version is not the entire story. As of right now, only half the missions are ready for release. You will be able to explore all the new worlds of the Xianu galaxy (well, all but one, which we're saving for last). But the story line does not yet reach the Final Conflict. This will be available in the Beta release.

Keep checking back for updates. We're working as quickly as we can! (In our spare time…since we all do this for free!)


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