Crazy Story
from DREAMS & PROMISES by Tobin James Mueller
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Tell me a crazy story
to make sense of this day.
Don’t say little glories;
I don’t want to cheat that way.
Just your voice like a sidewalk beneath my feet,
narrate my concrete.

I want you to write me down.
I want you to read me aloud.
I want you to turn my pages.
Turn me, turn me
into a crazy story.
Turn me crazy. Crazy.

Want me too, on your lips.
Want me too, like breath from your mouth.
Want me too, for song, for praying.
I am yours; come play me crazy.
Play me crazy. Crazy.

Tell me a crazy story.
Read me crazy. Crazy.

Prism hours like blades run across my skin,
Tower like days too high for scaling.
So far away, your voice is failing.
The words of my life wait and wait and wait like crazy.

Come make me... Crazy, crazy. Crazy, crazy.
Come make me your crazy story.