I Hold Your Body
from Falling Past Love by Tobin James Mueller
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Forbidden by Boris Vallejo
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I Hold Your Body

I hold your body
as if it is your life, entire,
edged by layers of days. Decades.
Futures dreamed.
I hold your body as if
it illuminates my own.

I hold you body
as if your skin and my hands
are happy symbiotes,
all kind and kindness,
arousing more than senses and sense, more
than expectations. I turn you
until the fit is total.
I hold your body as joy
holds music on its rainbowed tongue.

I hold your body
like a sacrament,
as if I, too, then,
am holy. And I become
more than myself.
More myself.
I become.

I hold your body as if
it is life. Both and all.
As if you and I
depend on it. This touch.
I hold your body in
the easiest of motions.

And I wonder why
every time I reach into the world
why I cannot hold anything
else in the same way.

Why it is only you.

text © 2004 Tobin James Mueller