Over To You
from HOLY LAND by Tobin James Mueller
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Each day: Morning.
Replayed warnings,
Words I still repeat... can’t escape.

One call, hurried.
One voice, worried.
“Know I love you.
Be safe.”

And I search the skyline.
Can’t remember why.
Was it you who told me once
Not to trust my eyes?

Deep below the buildings
Shadows stretch beyond.
Will the streets I used to walk along
Help me carry on?

Each day: Evening.
Walking. Grieving.
Never been this late coming home.

Endless phoning.
Tireless roaming.
“Know we love you.
You’re not alone.”

And I search inside me.
Can’t remember why.
Was it me who told you once
Faith lived in your smile?

If I search the future,
Will it still confound?
Do the words I’ve stored from yesterday
Help me carry on?

Over to you
I give my everything.

Over from you
I get my energy.

Once the sky looked silent and clear,
Until I heard you there, waiting...

Until I come
over to you...

Holy Land CD - by Tobin James Mueller