Down the Dark Alley

Down the Dark Alley
(Escaping Jack the Ripper)

1999 © Danny Falch, Steven Ståhlberg and Tobin James Mueller
collaborative artwork for The Power of 10, a VisionForge MultiMedia Project

"She ran from the flashing knife, the hot breath,
the demon creature she could never imagine as real.
She ran from certain death, unconscious of anything else in her path."

After several conversation between the 3 artists, Danny began the rendering process with
drafts of the alley, the lighting, and the posters (on the walls); then added a woman of his own design
for positioning. Steven then took his Power of 10 character, Elspeth Neoldt, and placed her
into the image, tearing her dress, etc., and altering the backdrop to fit his character.
Tobin then took all the separate pieces, combined them, created a slight motion blur for Elspeth
and placed the Jack the Ripper poster back onto the alley walls, and faded the sharpness
to create a depth of field. He also did his best to bring out the amazing details of these dark collaborative work.

The Power of 10 is an Online Collaborative Picture Book project
in its formative stages. As the initial illustrations are completed,
writers are sketching out the first chapters and musicians are composing theme music.
See "Contents Discussion".

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