Audiocracy artwork by Tobin James Mueller
ArtsForge and MacJams Collaborative

An ongoing collaborative music project using shared minds, grooves, solos and inspiration.

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Morning Whispers (solo piano)
13 Masks: Chaos of the Subconscious
What Survives (jazz)
Dreams & Promise
Pilgrim Village
I Will Love
Holy Land
Speechless (instrumentals)
Spoken Poetry of Tobin James Mueller
Best of CenterStage

completed tracks
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click to download mp3 When The Future Comes
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click to download mp3 Escaping the Fray Zone
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What Survives
ArtsForge's new Collaborative Music Project:

• Record a groove and submit it (post it and send me the URL). We will link to it and let others take it and add to it.
• We are mainly looking for instrumentals that are experimental and very driving.

• Loops and grooves can also be submitted in Acid, Live, GarageBand and MP3 formats.

Jazz CD

Artists (so far):
Tobin James Mueller (keyboards, composition, vocals)
Twøn (5-string bass, acoustic guitar, vocals)
Darren Chapman (guitars)
Rob Thurman (drums)
Bob Piper (guitars, composition)
Alimar Ligammari (engineering)
Fosod (guitars, vocals, loops, composition)
Woody Mankowski & Donny McCaslin (saxophones)
John Selvia (elecrtic bass)
Thor Oliversen (acoustic bass)
John Luper (guitars)
Troy Paiva (arrangements, synth)

audiocracy guitar

"Audiocracy" can run up to 80 minutes and have as many tracks as we want.

Every artist will own the rights to their contributions. Songs written with someone else will be held in non-exclusive common ownership. If any money is made, it will be shared on a per-song / collaborative basis.

Revolution's Son: TJM (organs, backing vocals, drum programming);
Twøn (vocals, basses);
Alimar (vocal engineering)
"Revolution's Son" © 2005 Tobin Mueller
click here to view lyrics

Escaping the Fray Zone: TJM (everything except:)
Paige (lead guitar)
"Escaping the Fray Zone" © 1994, 2004-5 Tobin Mueller

My Heart Still Beats: TJM (vocals, loops, samples, keyboads);
Thor Oliverson (acoustic bass);
Sal Giorgianni (flute);
Carl Fischer (trumpet);
Paige Chomet (spoken words);
"My Heart Still Beats" © 2004-5 Tobin Mueller
click here to view lyrics

Please Eat: Fosod (original concept/loops, vocals, guitar); John Selvia (bass); TJM (organ, synth, audio samples/clips); Paige (guitar FX, coda)
"Please Eat" © 2004 Fosod, John, Tobin, Paige

Crimson Queen: TJM (vocals, loops, samples, keyboads);
Paige (electric guitars, samples);
Steve Fletcher (shakuhachi flute);
Fosod (vocals);
"Crimson Queen" © 2005 Tobin, Paige;

I Sail On: TJM (keyboads, organ);
Troy Paiva (arrangement, synths);
"I Sail On" © 2005 Tobin;

Icarus II: TJM (vocals, keyboads);
John Luper (guitars);
Chris Mueller (additional keyboards);
Donny McCaslin (soprano saxophones);
"Icarus II" © 2004-5 Tobin Mueller
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Rock the Baby with Voodoo: TJM (arrangement, keyboards);
Paige (electric guitars, samples);
"Rock the Baby with Voodoo" © 2005 Tobin, Paige;

Windowshade: TJM (synth, organ, programming);
Woody Mankowski (tenor/sop. saxes);
"Windowshade" © 2004 Tobin Mueller

Looping Through Hell: Paige (guitar, loops);
TJM (synth/guitar FX);