Instructions on how to download the Yamaha MIDplug or
the Crescendo Streaming MIDI Player plug-ins:
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If your browser does not have a built in MIDI player, or you would like a player with a better sound, there are three main choices: the Yamaha MIDplug, the Crescendo MIDI Music Player, and the Beatnik Player. All of them are freeware.

We will describe how to download and install the Yamaha and Crescendo plug-ins. The Beatnik plug is very cool, too, but it has great instructions and support on site. To learn more about the Beatnik plug-in, go to The Beatnik plug-in is used for more than just MIDI files and can be installed even if you already have a MIDI Player plug-in (that's what Tobin has done). Then you can hear all the Beatnik rmf sounds on Beatnik webpages and use Crescendo (for example) to listen to all Crescendo-exclusive MIDI webpages. Check out Beatnik, it's very cool.

To download the Crescendo Player, go to: and follow the instructions provided. (Don't bother buying the Crescendo Plus package; just get the FREE player.) The Crescendo Player is easier to install but doesn't sound quite as good as the Yamaha. After you've followed the Crescendo Installation instructions, go to #4 below and make sure all your browser's preferences have been properly reset.*

To download Yamaha MIDplug plug-in for the best MIDI sound on the web,
follow these instructions:

1. Go to:

2. Follow the onscreen instructions to download a player for Macintosh
or Windows onto your desktop.

3. After it unstuffs itself, open the "MPXGE-m.sea" folder and drag the
MIDplug icon into the "Plug-Ins" folder for your web browser, and then
quit your browser.

4.* Reopen your browser, and go through its Options and Preferences until you find items concerning sound formats (audio files, midi files, .wav files, etc.). **

(NOTE: IN Netscape, you must get to the Edit/Preferences/Navigator/Applications window.)

Edit every item that references "midi" or "mid" - this includes audio/midi, audio/x-midi, application/x-midi - so that it identifies your new plug-in as the active plug-in for that function. Once you are certain all items with "mid" or "midi" in them are set to your new plug-in, quit your browser.

5. Reopen your browser, and your new MIDI plug-in should be fully installed and ready to go. Try out the ArtsForge MIDI Player or a MusicForge MIDI Collaborative project page.

Note: If any of the MIDI preferences (audio/midi, audio/x-midi, application/x-midi) are not listed in your applications window, you should create them, identifying your new MIDI Player as the application that will handle all incoming ".mid" files.)

**other sound preferences may include: ULAW audio, audio/aiff, WAV audio, AIFF audio, audio/wav. You can also change the preferences for these audio applications (audio/aiff, audio/wav, etc.) to identify your new plug-in as the active plugin, but that is not necessary to using the new MIDI plug in for MIDI files. (It might make these other files sound better, however.)

Note: Tobin uses Crescendo because it has a wider listener base. Chris uses Yamaha because it sounds better. All MIDI is a bit disappointing in sound quality and takes getting used to, but it's the fasted way to download music files on the web.