Kill Everything


(music:mueller, lyrics:mueller)

walking the street
i hold this lie in my hands
caressing it in hopes
it gives me one more chance
burns in soul, burns in my brain
i like having it here
to keep me warm when it rains
it itches me here in my lowest desires
i stare at the bodies
that pass me by, so i
shove it i my pocket, it scorches my hips
why couldn't i have left it on my lips?

but that's gone
and there nothing here fr me now
yes that's gone
and there's nothing but truth with me tonight

light up a smoke
distracts me for a while
run into Ben at where i used to get by
i got out while there was still some time
but he is stuck trying to hustle that dime, so i
walk a little faster try not to look back
feel like getting sucked in
feel like wearing all black


my cigarette is gone
and now i'm back to where i started from
holding this lie
someone askes me for a quarter i break a piece off
into his cup of change
it wont help him change
'cause that's gone
and there's nothing there for me

the sky is open
and the stars are on fire
but i can't see it
'cause the city's too bright
somethings gonna happen
i can feel it in the air
but what...
but what...

chorus x4

walk a little faster
repeat x4

© 2001 Anton Mueller
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