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delirium tremens - 1996

Tour Dates & Other Gigs:

The band moves to New York City and they quest for a drummer. Gigs will follow.

Good luck boys.

First gig! March 5, 1999, Automatic Slim's, Neenah, WI. A rousing blues fest until some rowdy, drunk patrons decided it would be a good idea to dismanle the lighting system and we were removed from the premisis. Mostly because we were underage, but also because we were causing a ruckus with our wild sounds. The coolest thing about this gig was we had two songs at the time, it was all improvised blues. props go out to mike and former lead singer peter okkerse for carrying us at this gig.

March 7, 1999, The Basement, Menasha, WI. An intimate setting that barely housed the fans, but it still made for a good show. again, without much of a set list, we improvised off blues and metal licks and a lot of Led Zepplin covers, but we played to a great crowd until they kicked us out, this time beacuse it was late and the neighbors were complaining.

March 15, 1999, Pickard Auditorium, Neenah, WI. We opened the show for some better known local bands, but, judgeing by crowd reaction, we stole the show from the heavy hitters. for the first time we played a set list of all our own songs, and proved to ourselves that we didn't have to play covers to satisfy the masses.

March 22, 1999, MHS Auditorium, Menasha, WI. Going back to high school for the talent show was a trip! we got a great reaction (of course) and we realized that "naked" and hit potential, if we could ever get out shit together and release something on a national (or even semi-national) scale. This was peter's last full stint as out lead singer.

May 15, 1999, Blue Moon coffee house, Neenah, WI. We opened for Mike's other band Whalebone, and definetly stole the show. I think it was our Guns n' Roses cover "sweet child o' mine" that won them over. We also interspersed some U2, Zepplin, Everclear, Police and Metallica covers in with out own music. Peter balked on vocals for over half the songs, so Twon did the dirty work, and pulled it off masterfully. easily the launch point for the band's desire to make a record.

May 22, 1999, Spring Fling, Jefferson Park, Menasha, WI. At this gig we unleashed our full arsenal of sound. Peter ditched us on this gig so there was a good amount of confusion about what to play. so, to build confidence we started out with a lot of Zepplin. But as Twon grew more comfortable the gig plunged into its full splendor and finally climaxed with an balls to the wall version of Rage Against the Machine's "killing in the name". This gig also included the Crack Team's fantastic intrumental rendition of Metallica's "master of puppets".

June 17, 1999, Party in the Park, Jefferson Park, Menasha, WI. The band finally come together as a whole! The songs were tight, the sound was loud, and the audience was rockin'. All I can say is, we kicked ass!

July 1-3, 6-9, 12-15, The Basement, Menasha, WI. This group of shows was a picture of a band ready to explode. we had our local fan base set in stone, and we sounded incredible. ready to move to the next level.

August 2, 1999, Party in the Park II, Jefferson Park, WI. A short gig as the host band that proved to be one of the last times that Mike would be seen by sober people, or, at least, by his band mates. thus forcing a sabbatical for the next few months.

January 11, 2000, Battle of the Bands, Calder Fieldhouse, Menasha, WI. The short-lived return of Mike behind the drum set, and an amaturish abbriviated set list that was offset by an excited fanbase who were psyched to see their boys back in action. it also featured Isak Sherwood and Jerad Wirth guesting on lead vocals. mike disappeared soon after this gig, never to be heard from again. word is he's in colorado.

June 16, 2000, Party in the Park 2K, Jefferson Park, Menasha, WI. The Crack Team's triumphant return to the main stage with a new drummer, Twon's little brother Will, adding a new "Hanson" appeal to the band. We even learned some Sex Pistols for this gig to feed the growing punk contingent that seemed to be following us.

July 17, 2000, Party in the Park 2K2, Jefferson Park, Menasha, WI. With Will behind the drums again (and also for the opening band) we rocked out for what would unfortunatly be one of our last shows in our home state of Wisconsin. This time we played all our own tunes for the first time, and were met with the unbelievable feeling you get when people know the words to your songs. craziness.

August 4, 2000, Party in the Park 2K3, Jefferson Park, Menasha, WI. Again we were the host band for the final PITP installment, but we did not disappointed, playing some Nirvana and G N'R to spice it up a little bit.

August 27, 2000, Blue Moon, Neenah, WI. Stuart's first show with the band, and he was met with a challenge as we had to learn all the songs acoustic for lack of a drummer. it was an interesting show, but, obviously, not what our fans were expecting, but it definetly was fun

September 15, 2000, Ryan's Ballroom, Kimberly, WI. Our last show before Twon left for the Big Apple. We had to find a drummer on very short notice, and Dan's buddy Greg filled in quite nicely (hey greg, if you ever wanna come out to NYC, we got a place for you with us), and stuart shined in his first real gig with the full band. The success of this show, however, would go unrequited as Twon moved to New York to follow fame on fortune the next month.

October 27, 2000, 101 on 7th, New York, NY. Twon gives the Big Apple a small taste of the crack team handling lead vocals for a NY funk band "Gigolosis" on a couple of tunes. so far, unfortunatly, this has been the most recent crack team appearence.

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